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Get Free Healthy Fall Samples - Purell,St. Ives, Colgate…and Many More

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Get Your Free Diabetes Control Guide - Learn How to Prevent or Control Diabetes

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Free BREATHRx Management Solution - Eliminates Existing Bad Breath in 3 Easy Steps!

BeathRx eliminates existing bad breath and prevents new bad breath, just Brush-Scrape-Rinse! Your free BREATHRX Starter Kit includes Purifying Toothpaste, Gentle Tongue Scraper, Anti-Bacterial Tongue Spray, and Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse. (U.S. Only)

Free E.P.T. Certainty Pregnancy Test

When it comes to pregnancy, a woman shouldn’t have to second guess. Get the new free e.p.t. certainty pregnancy test! Now with an unmistakable Pregnant or Not Pregnant read-out, you’ll get fast accurate results you can trust. (U.S. Only)

Free Tylenol or Advil Health Care Samples

Which works the best? Tylenol or Advil? Cast your vote for the best Health Care product and get yourself free supply of Tylenol or Advil Health Care Samples. (U.S. Only)

Free New Lever 2000 Body Wash and Body Bars

Start your morning with a moisturizing rain shower! Get the NEW Lever 2000 Body Wash and Deodorant Bars in Refresh, Pure Rain scent. Formulated with essential minerals PLUS Vaseline Lotion ingredients even the toughest dry skin hasn’t the slightest chance (U.S. Only)

Regain Independence with a Free Motorized Wheelchair

Do you use a cane, walker, or manual wheelchair? Get a motorized wheelchair and get your life back. Imagine, you can get the mobility you need with a new wheelchair without having difficulty to get around at your home. (U.S. Only)

Free Healthy Samples From REMEDYLife

REMEDYLife is your online source for information on healthy living. As a member, you'll receive valuable offers, free samples, health alerts to keep you up to date on the latest news that affects your health and the health of your family. (U.S. Only)

Free Power Wheelchair - Regain Your Independence In Your Daily Activities

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Free 15-Day Supply of SmartMouth(tm) Mouthwash Samples - Eliminated Bad Breath Day & Night!

Get 24 hours of unquestionable fresh breath with your free trial of Smartmouth Mouthwash. The patented zinc ion technology lets you enjoy fresh breath all day, all night.Try the dentist recommended SmartMouth Mouthwash system today! (U.S. Only)

Free New Listerine Agent Cool Blue - Try New Plaque-finding Mouth Wash!

Listerine Agent Cool Blue is a gumshoe for your teeth & gums! Use before brushing & Listerine Agent Cool Blue will track plaque by tinting build-up in cool blue; know exactly where to brush to target to the trouble spots that can lead to cavities & gingiv (U.S. Only)

Get a Hoveround Power Wheel Chair with Little or No Cost

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Free Playtex Gentle Glide Multi-Pack Sample - Box of 36

At the gym or at a sleepover, on the road, or in a dress, feel 100% confident with Playtex Gentle Glide protection. Your free Playtex Gentle Glide Unscented Multi-Pack offers a selection of absorbencies to provide you with the variety of comfort you need (U.S. Only)

Free Hoveround Electric Wheelchair - Regain Independence with a Power Wheelchair

Is it difficult for you to get around your home? Do you use a cane, walker, or manual wheelchair? Do you want to Regain your independence? An electric wheelchair will able to help you impove your mobility. Get one free now! (U.S. Only)

Free New Sonicare Power Tooth Brush - Makes You Clean Your Teeth Just Like The Professionals

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Free Skintimate Moisturing Shave Gel

Get a close & comfortable shave with pro-vitamin Skintimate Signature Scents Moisturizing Shave Gel. Skintimate's unique moisture-infused formula blends 8 skin conditioners, lubricants & emollients for silky, soft skin lightly fragranced with one of 5 del (U.S. Only)

Free Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips Sample

No mess, no fuss, just apply and go! Listerine Quick Dissolving Strips are the discreet way to whiten teeth when you're in a rush or on the move.Wear them on the way to school, work or anywhere! (U.S. Only)

Free Coppertone Continuous Spray Sunscreen - Better Suncare for Better Summers

Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray Sunscreen is a must have for the summer. This PABA-Free, ultra sweatproof suncreen bonds to your skin on contact and won't run into your eyes and sting. It goes on clear — no rub, no mess. Enjoy your Summer with it! (U.S. Only)

Free U-Scoot Power Wheelchair - Regain Independence For Your Daily Activities

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Free 3-Pack ChapStick All Natural Lip Moisturizers - Soften Lips & Seals in Moisture!

Prevent damage from harsh winds & cold weather conditions. Keep your lips soft & smooth with the #1 lip balm. ChapStick 100% Natural gives you protection you need to keep your pout in an utterly kissable condition! (U.S. Only)

Free Brand Name Healthy Samples From REMEDYLife - Crystal Light, Blistex, Purell, and Many More!

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Free Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard and Sunscreen Lotion - Protect Your Skin From Bug and Sun!

It’s the ultimate bug & sun protection from Skin-So-Soft! Get out of the shade and quit that shooing. Get your free Skin-So-Soft Insect Repellent and Sunscreen Lotion Samples for up to 6 hours long-lasting shield! Enjoy outdoor activities today! (U.S. Only)

Free Kotex Ultra with Wings

Take a sample and try its comfort! Because KOTEX Ultra Thin with Comfort-Flex Wings are long and soft for more comfortable protection. (U.S. Only)

Get a Free Benefiber Sachet Samples Now!

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Get Free Prilosec OTC Sample Now!

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Get a FreePsorent Psoriasis Topical Solution Sample Now!

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Get a Free Nature Made Liquid Softgel Multi Complete Samples Now!

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Get a Free Benefiber Sachet Sample Now!

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Free Serenity Sample by TENA

Discover the new look of protection with TENA Serenity(r). Fill out this form to receive a free sample of Serenity(r) by TENA. (U.S. Only)

Free Drontal Plus Cleanup Bags Dispenser

Receive your free gift, a Drontal Plus Cleanup Bags Dispenser that fits on your belt today! (U.S. Only)

Free Spike Supplement Tablet

Click on Register and Get a free 16 Tablet sample of Spike Dietary Supplement! (U.S. Only)

Free Traumeel Natural Pain Reliever Sample

Safe, Effective, Natural. To obtain your free sample of Traumeel Natural Pain Reliever, simply complete the form below. [Offer expires March 1, 2008] (U.S. Only)

Free Accuvue Oasis Contact Lenses

New Acuvue Oasys Brand Contact Lenses are designed especially for eyes that feel tired and dry. Try and feel the difference today! (U.S. Only)

Free Lipoburn Xtreme Fat Loss Formula Sample

To receive our free sample of Lipoburn Xtreme Fat Loss Formula, please fill in the form below or call 1-877-283-4338. (U.S. Only)

Free Tampax Pearl Sample

Just fill in the form to receive a free sample of Tampax Pearl(r), their best protection ever. (U.S. Only)

Free Pristine Skincare Sample

Pristine, the one-step all-natural patented solution for acne and many other skin problems. Fill out and submit the following form to receive your sample of Pristine Skin Care products. (U.S. Only)

Free Menstrual Magic or Proleve

Get a free sample of Menstrual Magic or Proleve! (U.S. Only)

Free Nicorette Fruit Chill Sample and $10 Off Coupon

When you are ready to quit smoking, Nicorette(r) Fruit Chill(tm) can help you take charge by helping you relieve your cravings. Get your Free non-medicated sample of Nicorette(r) Fruit Chill(tm) gum plus a $10 coupon. (U.S. Only)

Free Ear Plugs Samples

Request free samples such as ear plugs, camo plugs, reusable plugs, bands, muffs and more. Browse through their category of products and choose on which samples desired. Then fill in the form and the product samples name. (U.S Only)

Free One Month Supply of Mens Rogaine Foam

Hair Regrowth Treatment. In a clinical study, 85% of men regrew hair. Fill out the form and get one month free supply of men rogaine foam. (U.S. Only)

Free Listerine(r) Whitening Strips Sample

Simply dissolves to noticeably white! Get ready for a refreshingly easy way to whiten. Fill up the form to receive your free sample of Listerine(r) Whitening Strips! (U.S. Only)

Free Actiq Welcome Kit

Get a free Actiq Welcome Kit! (U.S. Only)

Free Nasal Cease Sample!

When nosebleeds start, NasalCEASE! Get one and try out yourself! (U.S. Only)

Sample Of Beyond BodiHeat

Bodi Heat is air activated heat pad that provides continuous, low-level heat to relax your sore, aching muscles and relieves your back pain, joint pain, stiff neck and shoulder. It is easy and economical way to improve your active lifestyle. (U.S Only)

Free 3 A Day Inspiration Kit

Because everyone deserves a lifetimeSo get your Inspiration Kit along with Free 2007 Calendar and Inspiration DVD (U.S. Only)

Free Eucerin Redness Relief Sample

Eucerin provides gentle, effective skin care that dermatologists trust. With a full line of clinical proven products, you can try Eucerin Redness Relief lotion that are just right for you and your family. (U.S. Only)

Free Kotex Maxi Pads or Poise Ultra Plus Pads Sample

Make it easier to get through your day in comfort and protection with Kotex(r) brand and Poise(r) brand products. (U.S. Only)

Pain relieving gel sample

Fill out the short form at this site to request a free sample of Sore No More, an "all natural pain relieving gel." (U.S. Only)

Get a Free Starcor Supplements Sample Pack!

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Free Neru Patch Foot And Leg Discomfort Sample

Neru Patch Therapy for Foot and Leg is the first all natural patch developed specifically for foot and leg discomfort. Neru is a new and innovative way to alleviate foot and leg discomfort. Fill out the form and get a free sample of Neru Patch Foot And Le (U.S. Only)

free sample of Scandical

For a free sample of Scandical(R), or to request additional information, please call (800) 4-Scandi (800-472-2634). (U.S. Only)

Free Aquaphor for Baby

Your babys skin needs special care. It is sensitive and vulnerable to dryness, chafing, rashes and redness. You need a product that protects delicate skin and soothes irritated, dry skin. (U.S. Only)

Get a Free 7-Day Trial Pass to Lifetime Fitness!

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Get a Free 14 Day Sample of Nature Made Liquid SoftGel Multi Complete Vitamins!

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Sample Of Sylvester Stallone's "Instone"

Become an INSTONE VIP Member and receive the latest details and information on the LIFECHANGECHALLENGE™ Contest from Sylvester Stallone. (U.S Only)

Get Free Health Product Samples from Lewis Labs Now!

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Get a Free Sore Throat Solution Sample From Sucrets Now!

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Get a Free Intelectol Memory Enhancer Samples Now!

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Free Kotex Ultra Thin Ultra-Compact Pads with Wings Sample

Try the Ultra Thin pad designed to hug your curves! Fill in the form and get your free sample of Kotex(r) Ultra Thin Ultra-Compact Pad with Wings. (U.S. Only)

Free 10 Day Sample of Miracle Grip Denture Adhesive

Please complete the information below to receive a 10 Day Ssample of Miracle Grip®. (U.S. Only)

Free VCF Contraceptive Film

Get a free sample of VCF Contraceptive Film! (U.S. Only)

Nature plus sample

For a free single serving SPIRU-TEIN sample (limit one), plus discount coupons toward your first purchase, when you fill out the form. (U.S Only)

Get a Free Revitalize Supplement Sample Now!

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Get a Free Excedrin Samples to Relief Your Aches and Pain Now!

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Free True Botanicals Boswellia 90 Sample

Simply fill in all fields in the request form and enter your Promo Code. They will send your sample or information at absolutely no cost to you. [Code: Bos90S] (U.S. Only)

Free O2Optix(tm) Breathable Contact Lenses Trial Pair

See how comfortable Ciba Vision O2Optix(tm) Breathable Contact Lenses feel. Print the pdf coupon and bring it in for a free pair. (U.S. Only)

Get a Free 30 Tablet Sample Bottle of Avoca ASU Joint Health!

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free sample of Glucoburst

Get your free sample and see for yourself the benefits of this remarkable new product. (U.S. Only)

Free Leviathan Reloaded Fat Incinerating Lean Muscle Potentiator Sample

Please input your personal information in the form provided for your free sample of Leviathan Reloaded from Palo Alto Labs. (U.S. Only)

Win a Gift Basket filled with Natural and Organic Products

Enter your promotion code, fill out our short survey to win a Gift Basket filled with natural and organic products. [Code: OMAG1] (U.S. Only)

Free Poise Ultra Wings Sample

Need protection from occasional wetness? Trust the protection that is ultra-thin — and discreet — with wings for added stay-in-place protection. Fill out this form to receive a free sample of Poise(r) Ultra Wings. (U.S. Only)

Free Advil Sample and Save $2.00 on Advil

Advil the everywhere pain reliever. Fill out the form and get a free sample and Save $2.00 on Advil. (U.S. Only)

Free Morph Sample

I am Morph. Like no other. Fill in the form to rush your free sample of Morph. (U.S. Only)

Free Klean-To-Go Personal Protection Packet

Fill out the form and get a free Klean-To-Go Personal Protection Packet. (U.S Only)

Get Free Osmoflex Samples - Relief of minor aches and pains

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Free TENA Serenity Overnight Pads Samples

It is the protection you have been dreaming about. With a unique shape that is wider at the back and front, designed for a good night sleep. Get a free TENA Serenity Overnight Pads Samples by filling out the request form. (U.S. Only)

Free Petite Amie Mini Cycle Kit(tm) Sample

Please fill out the form below to get your freesample of a Petite Amie Mini Cycle Kit(tm). The sample includes 1 regular unscented tampon, 1 thong liner, and 1 toilette. (U.S. Only)

free sample of Shania by Stetson

Click on free sample and fill out the form. When you click submit you should get this message: Thank You for registering to receive a free sample of Shania by Stetson! (U.S. Only)

Free Oasis Mouthwash Sample - Discover a Serious Solution of Dry Mouth

If your mouth is always dry, you know how bothersome it can be. Suffering from a dry mouth isnt just uncomfortable – it can have oral health consequences. Try Oasis Mouthwash for solution today! (U.S. Only)

Free Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths Sample

Easy freshness anytime and anywhere you need it. Fill out this form to receive a free sample of Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths. (U.S. Only)

Free Maximum Muscle Builder Sample

The ultimate Muscle-Building and Weight Management formula. Please complete this form to request your free sample of Maximum Muscle Builder. (U.S. Only)

free sample of Prilosec OTC

If you suffer from heartburn for two or more days per week, you may have a condition called frequent heartburn. While there are many other heartburn medicines out there, only Prilosec OTC works to block acid production at the source for a full 24 hours wi (U.S. Only)

Free Source of Life Shaker

Get a free Source of Life Shaker Cup, sample and $3 Off Coupon! (U.S. Only)

Free Treatment Support Program

Just register yourself and you will get free, online, treatment support program offering valuable information, expert tips, and tools to help you better manage epilepsy and stay on top of treatment. (U.S. Only)

Free Breathe(r) Right Nasal Strips Sample

Breathe Right(r), the worlds biggest producer of anti-snoring remedies. Simply complete the form to receive your free sample of Breathe Right(r) nasal strips. (U.S. Only)

Free Agel Product Samples

To receive a free Agel product sample and eBook, fill out the form. (U.S. Only)

Track the Flu in Your Area!

It is more than just aches, pains, and an interest in blankets. Learn about what it is, when you are most likely to get it, and more. (U.S. Only)

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Rapid Release. Rapid Relief. Fill in the form to receive your free sample of Tylenol(r) Extra Strength Rapid Release Gels. (U.S. Only)

Get a Free Calorie Counter Now!

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Put your best foot first! Register with Eucerin for your free sample of Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Creme. (U.S. Only)

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Thank you for your interest in Estroven PM. Please complete the following information to receive your free sample and money saving coupon. (U.S. Only)

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Download, Print and bring in this coupon for a free pair of Focus(r) Dailies(r) with AquaRelease(tm) for blink-activated comfort. (U.S. Only)

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Select the products from which you are interested in receiving coupons, samples or literature. You will receive the requested materials directly from their advertiser (either via email or regular mail). (U.S. Only)

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Stop Itchy Eyes and get relief in moments. To receive your free sample of Alaway Eye Drops, enter your information in the following form. (U.S. Only)

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Fill out the form to request a free sample packet of Aerobitine. (U.S. Only)

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New Secret Clinical Strength is an antiperspirant clinically proven to provide prescripti0n-strength wetness protection for the most demanding body chemistries. (U.S. Only)

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Less time awake. More time asleep. Try it for yourself! (U.S. Only)

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When you apply below for the free Better Care Program™ you will receive the free Better Care Welcome Kit. (U.S Only)

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Try one on for size... for free! Fill out the form and get a Always(r) Max Protection Pantiliner. (U.S. Only)

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Get a free sample of Traditional Medicinals Licorice Tea! (U.S. Only)

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Fill in the form and get a free sample (non-medicated) and $7 coupon for NicoDerm(r) CQ(r) with Smart Control(tm). (U.S. Only)

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Get sport level protection(tm) every period, every day with Playtex(R) Sport(tm) Tampons. Fill out the form to receive a free sample of Playtex(R) Sport(tm) Tampons. (U.S. Only)

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The incredible results afforded by our topical pain cream Faster Than Glucosamine! To receive 3 trial size samples free, please provide the following information. (U.S. Only)

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To get your free Stimulant-X sample pack when you complete the form. (U.S. Only)

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Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release Gels provide you with powerful extra-strength relief in a fast-releasing form. They are proven to deliver quick relief of even your toughest headache pain. (U.S. Only)

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To receive your complimentary 15 day supply, along with a CD and informative Literature. (U.S. Only)

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NicoDerm(r) CQ(r) with patented SmartControl(tm) technology helps release a controlled stream of nicotine. Answer their questions and fill out the form to receive a free sample and $7 coupons for NicoDerm CQ with Smart Control. (U.S. Only)

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Proven slimming tablets recommended by most of the pharmacist. Get a free* sample of Dexatrim Max2o Tablets by filling out the request form. (U.S. Only)

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With Bausch & Lomb Alaway(tm) antihistamine eye drops, you will get relief for up to 12 hours. To receive your free sample of Alaway Eye Drops, enter your information below. (U.S. Only)

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Cytolean(tm) the maximum duration adipose reducing agent. Enter your name, address & email to receive a free sample of Cytolean(tm) today! (U.S. Only)

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Just fill in the information or call (866)TRY-ASTRO to get a free Astroglide Glycerin and Paraben free sample delivered right to your door. (U.S. Only)

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Learn even more about high blood pressure and COZAAR by exploring the Health Improvement Kit. Please complete the form to receive this free kit. (U.S. Only)

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Get a free Starter Kit of Nicotine Patches, Gum or Lozenges! (U.S. Only)

St. Joseph

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Register and get a package of Hearing Aid batteries for FREE (U.S Only)

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UniFiber, the naturally unique fiber(tm). Receive your free sample today by simply enter your email address and fill in the form. (U.S. Only)

Heintzman Farms

FREE Sample of Dakota Flax Gold! (U.S Only)

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Fill up your form and get yourself free samples from Organix South. (U.S. Only)

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Clean feels good. Thats why there is Always Clean. It is the only line of pads that comes with individually wrapped wipes attached. It helps you restore that shower-clean feeling with every change. (U.S. Only)

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VCP(r) the Vaginal contraceptive film. Fill out the form and they will send you a discreet envelope with 3 free VCF- Film samples through the mail. (U.S. Only)

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New Crest Natures Expressions toothpaste combines Crests trusted formula with natural flavor ingredients for a refreshing brushing experience. Balancing health and beauty benefits, Crest Natures Expressions fights cavities and tartar buildup, removes plaq (U.S. Only)

Free Prescription Card

The free Together Rx Access(TM) card helps qualified individuals and families save approximately 25%-40% and sometimes more* on over 275 brand-name prescription *drugs and other prescription products, as well as save on a wide range of generic *drugs. (U.S. Only)

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Take our 60 second survey for your free sample. (U.S. Only)

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Just complete the following information and we will send you a sample of our handy new Earthrise Spirulina IL-4(r), Free Sachet Offer. Includes $3 coupon for your next purchase of Spirulina IL-4(r). (U.S. Only)

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Join now and receive the latest news and samples from NIVEA for men. (U.S. Only)

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Next To Nature

Natural laxative is in relieving constipation. Try it free. (U.S Only)

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Get free TheraBreath samples! (U.S. Only)

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Wishing for bladder control protection designed to get you through the night? Introducing TENA(r) Serenity(r) Overnight Pads. Fill in the form to get your free sample. (U.S. Only)

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Ban Intensely Fresh formula keeps you feeling and smelling fresh for 24 hours. It not only lets you keep your cool — it leaves you feeling strong and confidently scented. (U.S. Only)

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To register and receive your free sample of Odorless fish oil from Nature's Bounty. (U.S. Only)

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Just answer a few simple questions and enter your information on their website. They will send a Tampax Pearl sample right to your home in around 6-8 weeks. (U.S Only)

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Incredible stay put protection. Always(r) has a new and improved adhesive for protection that hangs on better than ever before. Sign up now to get free samples from Always(r). (U.S. Only)

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To get your free Stimulant-X sample pack please fill out the form provided. Each Stimulant-X sample pack contains four powerful fat destroying capsules. (U.S. Only)

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Free Medicine Program

Follow the instructions at this site to see if you qualify for free prescription drugs and medications via "Patient Assistance Programs," which are sponsored by drug manufacturers. (U.S Only)

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Try Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop Popcorn. Naturally sugar-free, this whole-grain snack is also a good source of fiber and has 0g of trans fat and 0mg of cholester0l. (U.S. Only)

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Phentrazine(tm) the once daily appetite suppressant. Simply fill out the form to the upper right and begin your free sample of Phentrazine 37.5. (U.S. Only)

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Bausch & Lomb offers a free 2 oz sample bottle of ReNu contact lens solution. (U.S Only)

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TheraCran will reduce your risk of recurring UTIs. No cranberry product can treat or cure an existing UTI. (U.S. Only)

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Nature Made(r), Get heart smart with nature made fish oil. Fill out this form to receive a free sample of Nature Made Fish Oil. (U.S. Only)

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Brushing with Sensodyne twice a day, every day, will relieve the pain of sensitive teeth by building a barrier that blocks the pain of hot and cold and keeps it from coming back. It is a toothpaste trusted by 9 out of 10 dentists who recommend it to stop (U.S. & Canada Only)


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Alpha Betic(R), once-a-day multi-vitamin for people with diabetes. Complete the information to receive your free sample of Alpha Betic. (U.S. Only)

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